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M529 Electrical Sealing Mastic Tape Compound

(Seal Mastic Tape and Pads, Plyseal Insulating Mastic Tape, Electrical sealing compound)



Designed for quick and easy insulating, padding and sealing of objects that need to be protected from adverse environmental conditions. It is well suited for corrosion protection applicants and is resistant to U.V. radiation.

For sealing high-voltage cable splice and termination accessories for 90 continuous operating temperature.

For insulating electrical connections rated up to 1000 volts if over wrapped with vinyl or rubber electrical tape.

For padding irregular-shaped connections.

For providing corrosion protection to a wide variety of electrical connections and applications.

For sealing ducts and cable end seals.

For sealing against dust, soil, water and other environmental conditions



Excellent adhesion and sealing characteristics to metals, rubbers, synthetic cable insulations and jackets.

Stable over wide temperature range while maintaining its sealing properties.

Conformable and moldable for easy applications over irregular surfaces.

Does not crack when subjected to repeated flexing.

Fully compatible with most semi-con jacketing materials.

Material exhibits self-healing characteristics after being punctured or cut.

Chemical resistance.

Exhibits very low cold-flow.

Retains its flexibility at low temperatures resulting in ease of application and continuous performance at reduced temperatures.


Technical properties:


Testing method

Typical data

Tensile strength

ASTM D 2671


Elongation at break

ASTM D 2671


Dielectric strength

IEC 243


Volume resistance

IEC 93


Adhesive to steel

DIN 30672






Related information:

The product is supplied as rolls of specified dimensions. Recommend to store in the original packing, protected from moisture, dust, heat and sunlight.


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