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M511 Electrical Insulation Putty


Molyfast electrical insulation putty is a puttylike electrical grade compound in tape form.To insulate low-voltage (600 volts and less)connections.To build up cable splices and fill out major irregularities and voids in low-voltage splices (2300 volts and less) in order to obtain a uniform base for further taping. To round out high-voltage connections to gear. To smooth bus bar irregularities.  To create a resin dam in resin pressure splices.  To create a moisture seal at ground wire exit in high-voltage splices.  To moisture seal multi-conductor cable connections.



Non-corrosive, synthetic rubber.

Excellent electrical properties.

Excellent ageing properties.

Will not dry out.

Applies cleanly without waste.

Working temperatures up to 80°C (176°F) when overwrapped with Vinyl Electrical Tape


Technical properties:


Testing method

Typical data

Elongation at break

ASTM D 2671


Dielectric strength

IEC 243


Volume resistance

IEC 93






Related information:

The product is supplied as rolls of specified dimensions. Recommend to store in the original packing, protected from moisture, dust, heat and sunlight.


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