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M930 Built-in Mastic Cold Shrink Sealing Tube For Cell Site M707 Silicone Rubber Sealing Mastic For Cold Shrink Sealing Tube

M707 Silicone Rubber Sealing Mastic For Cold Shrink Sealing Tube

Sealing Mastic (For Cold Shrink Sealing Kit)


Molyfast Sealing Mastic-----Used in Cold Shrink Tube. It has excellent and waterproof properties, corporate with cold shrink tube is ideal for wireless communications towers and other exposed coaxial interfaces



1.4mm×45mm×108mmOther size and packing are available on requested


Unique Benefits

1. Excellent sealing and waterproof properties

2. It has the right balance of hardness and softness, non-distortion under the cold shrink tube pressure, guarantee shrinking fast while using the cold shrink tube.

3. Anti-tracking

4. Anti-aging

5. Excellent self-sticking

6. Properties are superior to 3M

Pre-applied sealing mastic with excellent sealing effect. No need of wrapping sealing mastic tape or sealing mastic to make the installation more simply and quickly


Technical Properties


Typical Data

Testing Method



WaterproofUsing with cold shrink tube



Vertical Flame Test


GB/T 10707-2008UL94



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